Welcome to the Gallery Page! Here you’ll find stuff that I have owned and sold, cars that belong to customers and friends, some from car shows small and fabulous. Some I just plain had to post a picture of, they are so nice. The Gallery is designed to let you see the kinds of cars I love and that I really knowledgeable in. Call me, I’ll help you find one. Hope you find some that rev your motor too!

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Meet Allen

For over 30 years, Encore Motors has been providing individuals with unique, rare cars that have been hand-picked by Allen and his late father, RC Akin. They were constantly queried about what cars to buy, how to keep them looking so good, and where friends could find cars like theirs. To use their banker’s term, Encore Motors was founded to “legitimize” their car hobby, and Encore still continues to promote the concepts of honesty, integrity and fun in the buying, driving, and maintaining of fine cars.



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